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Voice: narrations, audiobooks, audio descriptions, promotional videos, corporate courses, switchboards, mobile applications, etc

Dubbing: dubbing for live action and animation, audio fiction, dramatised readings… We offer a multicoloured bank of voices in different languages.

General Translation from English and French into Spanish, and inverse translation into English and French, carried out and/or revised by native professionals.

Transcription of audio and video in Spanish and English.

Localization, correction and revision of texts in Spanish created by non-natives who wish to make them more natural and improve the style. 

Typographical and style correction of texts in Spanish..

Creation of scripts for audio description for the blind.

Audiovisual Translation. I have specialised in translation for dubbing, voice-over and subtitling for more than twenty years. Finalist in the 2nd ATRAE Awards por my subtitling of the first season os Masters of SexFinalist in three categories of the 2rd ATRAE Awards (second season of Masters of Sex, Secret life of babies documentary and the subtitling of Dallas Buyers Club, winner of the latter). Finalist in the 5th ATRAE Awards for the translation for dubbing of the third season of BoJack Horseman

Subtitling for teletext and open subtitling, both for original version and for the deaf.

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